Come and Explore the Castle of Sant Joan

Intermediate and upper cycle of primary education

On this visit to the castle, students will use games and performance to imagine how the inhabitants of the castle lived and what elements they needed. So we hope you enjoy the show.

Educational objectives

✓ Identify and solve problems related to significant elements and phenomena of the social and cultural environment
Actively participate in group work, argue your own opinions and compare them with those of others
Recognise changes in the social and cultural environment and continuities related to the passage of time, understand relations of succession and simultaneousness, of chronology and duration, and apply this knowledge in the interpretation of the present, in understanding the past and in constructing the future
Use language as a tool to construct knowledge, to communicate it and to share it with others
Appreciate the enjoyment involved in finding rational explanations for the circumstances and problems identified in our environment and in applying scientific procedures and attitudes

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