Can Garriga, a Sea of Surprises

Obligatory secondary education

Did you know what a shipwright did?

Do you know how fast a xebec (typical Mediterranean ship with three masts) travelled? Would you know how to find the latitude of Lloret? The answers to all of these questions about sea voyages must be answered with the help of compasses, maps and the logbook. Would you like to form part of our crew?

Educational objectives

✓ Identify on a world map the location of different continents, seas and countries
✓ Use maps and cardinal points to find one’s bearings
✓ Explain the main characteristics of craftsmanship, manufacturing and industry in a historical period
✓ Obtain information on the basis of direct and indirect observation, and of different kinds
✓ Complete projects and exercises taking into account the previously explained instructions
✓ Draw general reasoned conclusions on the basis of the information received and the research carried out
✓ Respect and defend cultural, historical-artistic and environmental heritage

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