The Treasure of Can Garriga II

Upper cycle of primary education

Lloret was the departure point for journeys around the Mediterranean and overseas.

A game of clues will enable students to discover the places they visited and the products they traded. A secret message will lead them to the discovery of Lloret’s treasure.

Educational objectives

✓ Gather information on the basis of field work, visits to museums...
✓ Identify on maps the location of Catalonia and other areas that have been closely related to Catalonia
✓ Use simulation games to approach a certain theme
✓ Identify the main directions on the compass rose
✓ Indicate the main characteristics of fishing and other primary activities in Catalonia
✓ Identify different counties, countries or continents
✓ Produce, interpret and use street maps and large-scale maps
✓ Learn to appreciate historical and natural heritage

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