Discover the Secrets of Santa Clotilde!

Obligatory secondary education

Do you know who Cipariso was? And did you know that the name “Lloret” is related to mythology?

Not everything is what if first seems in the gardens. Through a search, followed by a visit, we’ll find out that the gardens are full of myths. Come and discover them!

Educational objectives

✓ Understand the objective of the myth as a vehicle for transmitting values
✓ Learn about the world of mythology reflected in the elements present in the gardens
✓ Understand the close relationship between nature and Greek and Roman mythology
✓ Learn about mythological and legend-based literature
✓ Compare ancient and present-day myths
✓ Appreciate the artistic and cultural legacy of our ancestors
✓ Complete projects and exercises taking into account the previously explained instructions
✓ Draw general reasoned conclusions on the basis of the information received and the research carried out

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